The WETMAAP Calling All Wetlands Gallery is a compilation of wetland images and corresponding information. The Gallery provides an image framework of wetlands habitats. The Calling all Wetlands project is a citizen science initiative developed by WETMAAP a program of CNL World, a scientific educational and professional outreach non-profit organization, to create opportunities for informal and formal educators and the community-at-large to collaborate by sharing information and photographs of wetlands. The images and information in the Calling all Wetlands website will be of tremendous benefit to the environmental science community to understand and monitor wetland change across the landscape.

Images are in color and represent ten basic wetland categories:

Identify a wetland near you; use your digital camera. Take a picture from a Wetland Benchmark, upload the picture(s) to the Calling all Wetlands website, a gallery of photographs of wetlands from around the world, and you will receive a Wetlander Certificate once your information and picture has been reviewed and accepted.

The general public, government personnel, wetland scientists, geographers, environmentalists, citizen scientists, and other interested parties can contribute to the Calling All Wetlands Gallery. Civic groups, schools, and college programs and departments are encouraged to organize a group effort or project to collect images and information for addition to the Gallery.

All submissions are reviewed before inclusion in the wetland gallery. Please refer to Image Specifications in the Submission Guide and Review Process for requirements.  Contributors of accepted images will receive credit in the acknowledgements section of the image data.